Almost gone

The last few days have been pretty exciting and strenuous. We’ve had many goodbyes and received as many farewells for our journey, thanks for that. Seeing off my family and my closest friends has been a tough one but with positive thoughts I was able to handle. “I’m not departing this world”, “I see you on skype” or “I might be back sooner than you expect” were only some of the phrases I used to cope with departure. Superficial or not, fact is these words give hope for reunion. Furthermore it was interesting to see how saying goodbye can give you information about the kind of relationship you have e.g. with coworkers and acquaintances. Supports my thesis of “leaving home is meeting home”.

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My dear family, friends and fellow travelers

I’m a little bit excited about the release of this blog so I’m gonna say something that I would never advise my clients to write on their homepages: „WELCOME TO OUR SITE! YAAAY!“.

I set up this simple blog so you can easily check up and stay in touch with Nadine and me during our upcoming travels. For those of you who wonder what that means (my family should have an idea by now) here’s a little sum-up:

A while ago Nadine and I decided to go and live in a foreign country as soon as she finishes her bachelor studies. While I considered south america as possible destination Nadine made an english speaking country a precondition. Sooo we agreed on New Zealand which is known for its great landscapes, elves, dragons, dwarfs as well as hobbits and kiwis ( two species which Nadine feels strangely connected to). Then we planned and waited and lived our life and waited a bit more and in October we started selling our household, found new owners for furniture, electronics, my motorbike and so on. We’ve given away things to friends and family and kept some in case we move back in the area. We’ve also terminated contracts and got rid of other liabilities. Trust me if I tell you that this is a good feeling! A bit like losing spare kilos.

Anyways, in December I was mostly busy moving our remaining possessions (a lot more than we thought) from our flat in Wuppertal to Solingen where we’ve obtained the ground floor in Nadine’s parent house. I was skeptical at first about the houseshare and giving up our apartment that early but I was so wrong. After only a few days it felt like homecoming. This was mostly due to Silvia’s and Lothar’s welcoming nature but also due to the apartment itself: comfortable bedroom with big TV, kitchen, washing machine, dryer (! what a delight) and a cute cat on top. Our lazy inner selves have seriously been put to the test in the last two months.

But now departure isn’t far anymore and on March 12th Nadine and I will leave our home country for an uncertain amount of time. (goosebumps) Our trip will take us to Istanbul, Thailand and Australia before setting off to work and travel New Zealand. Our rough plan for middleearth (was surprised even nz-officials call it so) is to buy a campervan for greatest flexibility and explore the country step by step. We’ll try to find work in many different fields and projects and look into wwoofing (which is a programme for farmwork). When visiting urban areas I’ll address design agencies for short-term work.

Just realising, that my post is getting a bit too long, considering that people are used to communicate with just 140 characters these days. Sorry about the text monster. There’ll be more pictures in future for those of you who have jobs 🙂

Back to our blog, Nadine and I will try our best to give you true impressions of the places we see, the things we do and the people we meet. We might give you a colorful account if something great has been happening to us but might as well post shitty pictures when it’s appropriate.

Last but not least, I want you to know that it can be quite exhausting traveling while looking through the viewfinder of a camera and writing posts. So please do us a favor and give feedback, write a few lines yourself and stay in touch. We’d appreciate it.

Bye for now,