Almost gone

The last few days have been pretty exciting and strenuous. We’ve had many goodbyes and received as many farewells for our journey, thanks for that. Seeing off my family and my closest friends has been a tough one but with positive thoughts I was able to handle. “I’m not departing this world”, “I see you on skype” or “I might be back sooner than you expect” were only some of the phrases I used to cope with departure. Superficial or not, fact is these words give hope for reunion. Furthermore it was interesting to see how saying goodbye can give you information about the kind of relationship you have e.g. with coworkers and acquaintances. Supports my thesis of “leaving home is meeting home”.

The strenuous part of the last days was the packing and deciding on the right gear to take along. The most exciting part was actually sending off a 20 kilo parcel to Sydney. It contains our favourite camping equipment and hiking boots which we will need in Australia. Filling out the customs details and handing the valuable box to the post employee turned out to be a thrilling experience. My hands even shook a little bit. Might have been due to heavy carrying though.

Today we re-established order in our apartment in Nadine’s parents house packing stuff in boxes and storing them in the basement. We then booked accommodation in Istanbul for tomorrow night and arranged a spontaneous last get-together with close friends from Wuppertal.

Time flies while I’m writing these lines. It’s past midnight already and we gotta get up in a few hours and leave for the airport. We’re leaving Germany! Have a fantastic week everyone!


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  1. I wish you all the best and hope that you have an amazing and exciting time. Enjoy your time abroad, travel a lot, meet wonderful, interesting people, taste great food and everything else the cities/countries you are going to visit offer you guys.

    Have a great time and see you soon – wherever this might be 🙂

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