Merhab my friends and greetings from the Bosphorus metropolis.

We’ve only been here for 3 days but it seems like a week at least. Perception of time changes when you’re drowning in new impressions. We have learned so much already, not only about the city topography but also about the turkish culture in general. I’ve also snapped up some turkish word that I try to use as often as possible, driving my surrounding nuts.

I don’t wanna go to into too much detail but here are some general things we’ve learned so far:

  1. There are no such things as a red traffic lights.
  2. There are about 400 ways to blow the horn of your vehicle, and it’s good etiquette to do so as often as possible by cars, motorbikes, buses, trams and even ferries.
  3. Turkish men carry cash in the pockets of their trousers for easy accessibility. Paying with the right amount of coins speeds up business furthermore.
  4. Turkish people like cats and dogs but don’t necessarily want them in their house.
  5. Turkish people are very helpful and polite. They help without being asked to. Your matter is theirs.
  6. Tea (çay) brings people together and is served cheap to anyone.
  7. Alcohol is widely consumed but doesn’t take a central role.
  8. Turkish people have no awareness for topics such as sustainability and ecology.
  9. The TV must be turned on on highest volume at all times.
  10. The turkish cuisine and eating culture are as solid and and sophisticated as the Italian ones. We’re absolutely stunned. More about that later…

We want to share some of our visual impressions with you:

We’re crossing the bosporus to the asian side today to meet up with a couchsurfing host.

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