Gumboots and Chickens Yeehaa

Working is a necessity when travelling long-term but can be pleasant when done while staying with locals and having opportunities to learn new things. Wwoofing makes that possible. It’s a system where people like us work for and live with farmers in the widest sense. As Wwoofers you help your host for approx. five hours a day or whatever length both sides feel comfortable with. In return you receive free accommodation and meals but also get the chance to learn new skills and about a completely new lifestyle. That opportunity is unique when you consider that most people spend their whole life in one and the same job and don’t find the time to try out new things.

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Piha Beach

Just 45 min from Auckland City, Piha Beach it is the most popular destination of the Waitakere Coast. It’s also the only beach that has some commercialization (a shop, a superette, a fish n’ chips shop and a café). Apparently there’s a lot of action going on in summer and Aucklanders crowd the place, especially for the surf. We visited on a super-sunny and quiet winter day and are thankful for that.

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In the City of Sails and Diversity

We have arrived in New Zealand! The OKAY for a flatshare in Auckland came on Wednesday 20th May. We had been hiding out in Brisbane’s suburbs for a few weeks, writing applications and searching for a room to rent over the winter months. We have had a wonderful reunion with the Lunn family and we enjoyed the time together but were also glad not to have to outstay their hospitality. So we booked a spontaneous and pricey flight for Saturday morning, packed our bags and said an honest and sincere “See you!”.

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Roadtrip to Brisbane

Die Reise geht weiter. Am Montag dem 13. April verließen wir Sydney und machten uns auf den Weg nach Brisbane. Dafür hatten wir uns im bereits aus Deutschland einen Wagen gemietet und 2 Wochen eingeplant. Für gerade einmal 1000km ist das viel Zeit und wir entschieden uns dazu, einen kleinen Abstecher nach Süden zu unternehmen und im Anschluss übers Inland in die Blue Mountains zu fahren.

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I recommend reading the first chapter of Bill Bryson’s book for interesting and funny facts about Australia. Click your language for free PDF.

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We left Kuala Lumpur at 11 pm on April 8th with AirAsia and managed to fall asleep straight away. Watching the sun rise a few hours later was pretty amazing as we were flying over the continent’s centre at that time and were presented some spectacular views on deserts and salt lakes. Even though I know the numbers I find the total dimensions of vast and unpopulated Australian territory hard to imagine.

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This Malaysian Island really is an interesting place to visit. After Thailand it felt like a different civilization: better streets, more cars, shopping malls, western food and above all the English language which is known but not spoken more or less by everyone. Culturally there are Indian influences and most of the residents are muslims. I experienced the people as helpful and easy-going. Unfortunately time didn’t grant us a detailed insight into the demographics and culture on Langkawi but a week is enough to check out the geography. The Island is quite big and is best discovered by scooter or car which can be rented on every corner without any hassle.

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